Dog Watch Cafe - Located on Stonington Point CT

The New Dog Pound is OPEN!

Dog Watch Cafe Dog PoundSo the question is, where were you last Sunday night at sunset?

If you were at the new Dog Pound having a drink, this is what you would have seen. The perfect summer sunset. The Pound is cool! You don’t have to come for a big meal. Just say to the kids, your mom and I are going to have a little time together. Come on down, have a glass, talk about life, be romantic, and watch the sunset. Then return to life as normal. How hard is that and you will feel so much better.

Rules of the Dog Pound (hey, you are in the pound so there has to be some rules)

  1. get a drink at the outside bar
  2. proceed to the pound area. this is the area with all the chairs behind the umbrellas.
  3. relax, move the chairs around so you are comfortable with your friends, watch the boats, remember how lucky you are.
  4. if you need a refill, nominate a designated person to go get another round. This person must have money.
  5. Please stay behind the bartop with your drinks. The area in front is controlled by the DEP and is reserved for public space. Yes you can walk there, just not with a drink.
  6. There is no food allowed in the DogPound. Just drinks and good times with family and friends.
  7. Smoking is allowed, but please proceed to the far end and be courteous to your fellow dogs. Dispose of your butts in the ashtrays provided.
  8. No barking, or any other wierd dog behavior.
  9. Cameras are allowed.
  10. Most important. Relax. You are in the DogPound. There are no worries allowed in the Pound.

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